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Brain Entrainment

The beta brain frequency is one that we are all familiar with. It is the feeling of having a deadline to work towards, a job to get to in the morning, or a train to catch in 10 minutes. The beta wave is the alertness that gets us through a busy day, but it can be really hard to swicth off, leaving our minds buzzing long after we finish.

In this respect, most people will be looking to switch off their hurried mind, rather than encourage more of it. However, the beta brainwave frequency is a great state of mind for staying goal-orientated, focused, and full of energy.

Mental Associations Of Beta Brainwave

Beta brainwaves are the most common and prevalent type of brainwave frequency active in most people during the waking day. Beta waves are associated with highly alert and mentally focused states of mind.

The beta brain pattern is necessary to deal with critical problem solving and the processing of information, and is related to peak physical and mental performance. Research has suggested that beta brainwaves are an indicator of alertness.

Beta Brainwave Frequency

The beta bandwidth frequency has a huge range, so it is worth noting that the lower end of the spectrum, at 12Hz or so, is actually a pretty relaxed but practical level of functioning, whereas the higher end up to 30Hz tend to be more erratic, less sustainable, and much more draining.

While beta brainwaves might be our general bandwidth of choice, and are very useful for everyday functioning, they can easily translate as stress, anxiety, and and exhaustion. This high frequency state of mind is not supposed to be maintained all day everyday.

The fast paced lives that we live often cause us to function at this level more often than is healthy. If you are experiencing a non-stop nagging voice in your head, then you are probably riding a beta wave!

However, it is important to understand that beta brainwaves are crucial to our existence. Some people show a lack of beta, and they tend to have trouble getting things done, can feel constantly lethargic, or can have trouble focusing on anything; a lack of beta has even been linked to ADD.

For more details on other brainwave frequencies, see this article, which contains a chart of the full spectrum.

Benefits Of Beta Brainwave Entrainment

You can use our binaural beats generator in order to entrain your brain to function more effectively at the beta frequency, or any frequency you choose. Simply use the tool to set your desired brain wave, and use stereo headphones to listen to the sound. (To find out more about binaural beats, click here.)

  • Improve concentration when you cannot seem to focus. For example, you could use beta waves as an exam revision aid. Can help you to think quickly, logically, and remain goal orientated.

  • Motivate yourself to be active. Beta waves serve to wake you up, and get you working! If you have trouble with lethargy than beta brain entrainment can help, and you will feel more energetic.

  • Treatment for ADD. EEG scans have shown that people with ADD exhibit less beta frequencies, making them unable to concentrate. Brainwave entrainment at a beta level can help people to set their brain for more focus.

  • Enhancement of critical intelligence. Beta is not concerned with the lucid or the abstract. It is concerned with logical and linguistic intelligence like reading, writing, and maths. Beta brain entrainment may help to improve brain focus in those areas.

The Beta Complex

In a fast paced modern life, most people over-operate on beta frequencies a lot of the time, and find it hard to switch off their worried minds. Most of time we need less beta frequency.

If this sounds like you, then you will likely get much more benefit from brain entrainment at the more relaxing alpha and theta levels. They will help you to switch off and enjoy meditative states of consciousness, lucid dreaming, or a better night’s sleep.

The beta frequency can be harmful if overactive, whether naturally due to a rushed and busy life, or induced by brain entrainment. Therefore, we recommend that you do not overuse the binaural beat generator on beta level, especially if you start to experience signs of anxiety, paranoia, tension in the body, and insomnia. If you already get these symptoms in life, we recommend that you relax more!

Beta brainwave entrainment is more helpful for people who struggle to get anything done, and who feel very lethargic a lot of the time.

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