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What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats allow you to induce different states: Our brains operate at certain bandwidths, which are measured in frequencies. Our brain waves change form depending on how we are feeling, and what we are doing.

When we are in a meditative state, then our brain operates at a theta frequency. If we are very active, or a little stressed, then we operate at the beta frequency. Our brain changes its operating frequency continually.

Binaural Beats allow you to change your brain's operating frequency to induce different states of mind.

How to Use the Binaural Beat Generator

To use the Binaural Beats Generator, simply put on some headphones (Important!), select your Binaural Beat frequency, select your base frequency, and increase the binaural beat volume slider. The base frequency does not influence the final binaural beat, it's simply a matter of taste; some people prefer low drones, and others higher swells.

You can also add some background noise to your binaural beats to make it more 'listenable'. Choose from from our carefully selected and recorded sound effects, and increase the volume slider for that sound. You can have any combination of effects you like.

Why Are Binaural Beats Useful?

Binaural beats allow us to take control of our brain frequency. That is why they fall under the term “brain entrainment.”

Many of us operate on beta frequency all day long, due to the rush of the working day. While it is often necessary that our brains work at this slightly hectic bandwidth, it is often difficult to relax into a more enjoyable state of mind when the day is done. A session with alpha or theta binaural beats could be what you need.

We can also feel lethargic sometimes; like the brain will not kick into gear, and is constantly in a waking dream state. A listen to a beta frequency might help.

The use of binaural beats is unlimited. They are simple a way to easily change your state of mind. You can use them to access meditative states very quickly, to help in a good night's sleep or to induce visions and lucid dreaming (theta).

Please use our binaural beats generator responsibly. Brain change is not a game!

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

If the left ear hears a certain frequency, say 105Hz, and the right ear hears a different frequency, say 110Hz, then the brain will interpret the difference between these two frequencies to create a third frequency; in this case 5Hz, which is an alpha state.

This third frequency is called a binaural beat. The brain begins to resonate to this frequency. This effectively allows you to set your own brain waves. Simply set the sliders to your desired frequencies.

Binaural Beats require a different tone in each ear, so it's important to wear headphones!

Many people have created individual binaural beats tracks, but with this binaural beats generator the control is all in your hands!

Please enjoy and share SHM's homemade free online binaural beats generator.