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Brain Entrainment

Alpha Brainwave Frequencies: 7.5-12Hz

The alpha brainwave was first discovered by neurologist Hans Burger, who was also the inventor of the EEG. He was the first to observe brainwave frequencies, and notice that they changed depending on the stimuli that people were faced with.

Alpha Brainwave

Alpha waves, and the idea of measurable brainwave activity, was at first shunned by the psychological community (as are all great discoveries), before being more widely accepted five years later in 1937.

Alpha brain waves have since been the subject of much interest, and encouraging more activity at this level has been noted as being useful in whole breadth of areas, from raising creativity to treating depression.

Mental Associations

The alpha state is most naturally dominant before you go to sleep, and upon first waking in the morning. It is the brainwave of relaxed wakefulness.

Tapping into the alpha frequency using binaural beats can be quite miraculous! The brain usually wakes up into a more hyper-alert beta state to tackle the stresses of the day, and that is where we remain for most of the our waking life. Brainwave entrainment that increases alpha can have profound results!

Alpha brainwaves are associated with a calm and at ease state; pain and stress are reduced, and mental functioning is alert, but in a very relaxed way, akin to a zen archer as he shoots his arrow. Mental co-ordination is improved and information is absorbed with less barriers, making the alpha state ideal for affirmations and desirable for hypnosis.

The low alpha states (7-9 Hz) lie on the boundary of your subconscious mind, and act as a gateway to memory, creativity, and intuition. Mood and emotional stability is enhanced by alpha entrainment, and this is expected to be due to the serotonin that is released.

The alpha state is more prevalent in practitioners of meditation, who are able to function amidst chaos while remaining calm and relaxed. Alpha brainwaves can be increased by closing the eyes (sensory deprivation), and through deep breathing and yoga exercises, as well as by using binaural beats. They are among the most desirable of all for brainwave entrainment.

Benefits Of Alpha Brain Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment gives you the power to encourage your desired types of brainwaves. Most of us are operating on the beta brainwave frequency most of the time. This means we are always in a rush, and it can be stressful, and cause us a lack of rest. Alpha brainwave entrainment is the ideal solution. Check out our binaural beats generator for a powerful and free way to explore alpha brainwave entrainment.

  • Achieve a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Great for switching off a hurried mind after a busy day.
  • Use for light meditation.
  • Use in conjunction with positive affirmations to enhance results, and to break though subconscious barriers quicker.
  • Reduce stress and pain.
  • Increase creativity, intuition, and problem solving.
  • Enhance immune system functioning and lessen stress related illness.

Go For It!

There is no caution for brainwave entrainment at the alpha level, as it is generally taken to be an extremely pleasant and relaxing place to be, which has a positive impact on the brain even with prolonged use. Especially powerful in conjunction with conscious meditation.

 Alpha Brain Waves Research

There is no shortage of research into the benefits of alpha brain wave frequencies. See the infographic below for details. Find out about other brainwave frequencies, and find a brainwave frequency table in this article.

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