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Choosing the best treadmill can seem like a nightmare – there are so many different models, designs and prices – Which treadmill will be best for you? Before choosing a treadmill there are a few things you need to think about. We’ve compiled an easy guide to help you out.

First of all, you need to know what your personal goals are.

What are your reasons for buying a treadmill?

A treadmill can be used as a form of cardiovascular exercise, it has the power to increase your overall fitness levels, but it can also be used to help rehabilitate you after difficult times, to help you lose weight, increase stamina, train for various sports. Using the treadmill is an activity of low impact that will help you burn calories and build up endurance. If you plan to use your treadmill just for walking or jogging, you may not need to invest as much as somebody who wishes to run and build endurance more intensively. On the other hand, if you intend to train hard and see amazing results, you may want to spend a little more.

When buying a treadmill take into account your personal height and weight – treadmill’s come in various sizes, you want to make sure you get one that ‘fits’ you. If you are over six feet tall you may want to consider buying a treadmill with a longer belt – the standard size is around 5’4″, so you want to make sure you are going to be comfortable working out on the one you choose to take home, particularly if you have a larger than average stride when you walk or run.

If there is going to more than one person using the treadmill, you may want to consider investing in a more durable, perhaps more costly piece of equipment. More users means more daily abuse of the device.

Manual vs. Electric Treadmills

When you are choosing your treadmill, the first choice will be whether to buy a manual or an electronic treadmill. Electronic treadmills use a motor to turn the belt on which you run, you run at the speed set by the treadmill to stay in the same position on the belt. This brings you up to the desired workout speed very quickly, and it does not slow down when your feet do; thus providing motivation to keep up that steady pace. The belt moves at a steady speed, allowing you to concentrate on your running technique. These treadmills usually feature more advanced tools, such as heart-rate monitors, timers, distance and speed information. Electric Treadmills cost more than manual ones, and they may require maintenance from time to time, but they do include a lot of extras, such as a digital console for speed control, instant incline for strength and endurance building, calorie counter, book rack, audio speakers, and even a water bottle holder. Decide how much time you plan to spend on your treadmill and you will know how comfortable you want to be when using it.

A manual treadmill doesn’t use a motor,  the user has to manually turn the belt by walking along it, pushing the belt with their feet. With a manual treadmill, the speed of the belt is determined by the force the user exerts on it. Some treadmills use magnets and friction to make the belt move easier or harder. Many users find manual treadmills difficult, as you need to apply a lot of force to get it going and it requires more coordination to stay at a steady speed. Electric treadmills use a motor to turn the conveyor belt, which means you don’t have to use force.

Who Will Be Using The Treadmill And How?

Deciding on the best treadmill for your needs will depend on who is using it. If you are a woman who weighs 90 lbs, you won’t need as heavy duty a treadmill as a man weighing 250 lb. If you will only be using the treadmill for a brisk walk every now and again, you won’t need a high-powered gym-grade treadmill. For those who plan to use it every day, you need to consider getting a higher quality treadmill, and of course, a heavy user such as an athlete would require a top-of-the-range model, suitable for long hours of usage, day after day. Another consideration is the space you have to use your treadmill.

A smaller room will obviously require a small treadmill, and you need to have some room ether side so your elbows do not bang on the wall. If space is an issue for keeping it stationary, you may need to look at treadmills that are easy to dismantle and store. Again, remember to take into account your height when choosing the right sized treadmill. You may also need to find a space in the house that is easy to move the treadmill around doors etc.

The Best Treadmill

As you can see, there are many factors in deciding on the best treadmill for your usage. It’s always better to choose the best that you can afford. Buy one good treadmill, rather than buying a poor quality one, and you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

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