"A true initiation never ends. Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation."
Robert Anton Wilson


Still lake,
flowing river,
the breeze brushing through the leaves of the trees.

White Dove comes over me.

Crystal clear winter sky,
the crispness of pure air,
the gentle warmth of the midday sun.

She wraps me in Her wings

Peaceful day I rest with you,
Pulse of life we breath together,
unity in the rhythms of creation.

White Dove I love you.
We soar together as One.

In our flight we see the lifeforce of the planet,
we see it in the insects and the mammals and the rocks.
We dance with the air, and through the plants a new communication is born.
The sun burns away our problems,
and our sins, washed away by water.

White Dove we bathe in Universal Love.

Simplicity found in complexity,
and love far greater than fear.White dove
I understand now.

Holy Dove shine through me this day.


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