Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck
Dali Lama


My teacher asked me, “what do you want from life?”

 I told him:

“So, the point is that we could consider ourselves at our most vulnerable right now. That is, we do not know what we want from life, and all we may know is that we don’t want this. But at our most vulnerable we also find ourselves at our most powerful; because from nothing, something is always born. So please, let me slip deeper into the void. Let it strip me of all the somethings I have become, until I am left here as nothing. Because in our vulnerability we find strength.

And let us try not to think logically about what we want from our lives. That is what they want us to do; they being some sick simile for that part of me, and us. Let us instead juggle our somethings and nothings, skipping over the rope of the void, until our reality, ever-changing from day-to-day, should take some temporary form. And when it crystalizes let it, in time, dissolve again into the eternal dance of life.

Only when my somethings and nothings become one, sir, will I know what I want from life. And that could very well be the day I die.”

He told me I didn’t understand the question.
I told him he didn’t understand the answer.

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