"Do not dell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"


The law of attraction! Where do we begin? Well here at fractalpanda.com we are going to try to present a less stripped down and less marketable form of the law of attraction, and for the sake of getting to the point, I am going to write less about sticking photos of your dream apartment on the wall, and more about feeling your way through life, and about loving your fellow human beings.

The law of attraction was recently popularized by the bestselling book, “The Secret.” While I wish not to discredit the writer, who did a sublime job of bringing this knowledge into the lives of many, I would like to point out that “The Secret” is in fact not a secret at all, and that it never has been.

All of the techniques and dialogues of the book, and of the accompanying documentary, are methods to try to help the audience to believe in themselves, and to live in a way that has been lived by the wise and the brave since the beginning of humankind.

Follow Your Heart

This way of life is known, in its more humbling form, as “going with the flow,” or perhaps even more accurately as “following your heart.”

There are no methods to following your heart, no tricks, and especially no secrets. There is no need to study, or to buy any books. All you need do is know yourself, and listen to your feelings. Align your thoughts with your feelings so that when you think, “is this right for me?” your heart responds with a tangible answer. Listen to that feeling above all else.

If logic and rationalization says one thing, and your heart says something else, then choose your heart. This is difficult at first, because we have been taught to follow our heads, but we must trust ourselves, and the vibrational aspect of our being, which comes from the heart not from the head.

Thoughts, and the desires that rise from them, are only a game; they can justify, they can analyze, they can categorize, they can rationalize, but they cannot know. Real knowledge, and real knowing, is an experience; it is living, it is beating, it is felt in the body, and in the heart. We must only love and trust it.

“Attraction” Does Not Always Mean Gain

There is actually no need to try to attract anything at all. If we are “trying” to attract then we are either forcing our desires, rather than letting them manifest as they should, or we are trying to acquire something, be it an object or a situation, which is actually not what our heart most wants and needs.

A sure sign that you are following your heart is that everything in life seems to work. Even when it is not working it is working, if you get what I mean?

When everything is working it doesn’t always mean that we are accumulating or gaining momentum in everything that we are doing. This is a misconception that probably rises from being brought up in a society which places so much emphasis on “gain.”

Life ebbs and flows. For me, the most useful perspective is to understand the meaning, and the bigger picture behind whatever-in-the-name-of-whoever is going on! We must see the positive in the break-downs in our life as well as in the build-ups and the peaks.

Sometimes life gives us what we want or need, what is best for our hearts and souls, but this comes in very weird and wonderful ways. Sometimes they can upset us as well as excite us. Our ego does not always agree with our heart, or with the lessons that the universe presents us with.

An example, and something I can share from recent events in my own life, is experiencing a break up with a partner. This is always seen as a negative event, especially by the onlooker who sees only in terms of time invested in the relationship. This sort of life event is not be seen by many as being a part of the “law of attraction.”

In fact, if we are to understand the law of attraction in its truest, and least watered down form, then all of the negative spirals of life are just as big a part of it all as the high times. This is true as long as the heart has made the right decision, for the right reasons.

It also shows us one of the major principles of the law of attraction; making available a space, or gap. A void to be filled. A nothing out of which something will be born.

Understand The Nothing From Which Something Is Always Born

In this case, the universe has attracted an empty space in place of what once was. Whether it be a change in relationships, residence, a lost job, or a lost item or money, the feeling in the body is often the same; a varying degree of emptiness.

We must learn to embrace this feeling if we are to fully understand manifestation. Out of nothing, something is always born. This is the absolute golden rule when it comes to any manifestation. We must open up a gap for change to enter our life.


Law of attraction; making friends with the void
We should begin to make friends with the void, and come to terms with it as a part of life.

This is also why meditation and other techniques for quietening the mind are useful, especially where we wish to allow ourselves to change from within. Using meditation, we can reach this state of nothingness within our own being, listen to our heart in that moment, and allow the universe to fill the space, either for manifestation in life, or for change to our inner being.

When we practice meditation, we learn to reach this place of void, and we become familiar and unafraid of it. We become nothing in those moments, and in doing so, we become pure potential. It is out of our potential that we manifest. Our vibrational frequency is also raised through its practice, and so we are able to attract experiences on a wider bandwidth so to speak; we can tune in to more of what is going on around us.

We do not always have to try to force this nothingness, these gaps. Sometimes they happen naturally, and can be seen in our life as those moments where “the time has come.” Sometimes, if we are holding on to something which we know our heart does not feel right about, then we need to let go of old attachments in order to create the gaps for ourselves.

The nothingness is always filled by something, and the quicker we embrace this state of void, the quicker we embrace the manifestation which occurs around it.

We may at this time experience amazing coincidences, known in Jungian terms as synchronicity; as the universe seems to weave its web of extraordinary events around us. Our creative potential is at its highest during the void moments, the in-betweens, and excitement can enter our life in high doses. We are at our most receptive because we have become the nothing that we really are. A most magickal time are those moments in the void!

If you can know in those moments of emptiness that the universe will always provide, and if you know that you can trust your own heart to make the right decision when the time comes, then you have mastered the law of attraction.

Trust Life

It is all a matter of trust. During a period of travel I met somebody who really summed up the law of attraction, and her own lifestyle; her absolute lack of fear, with these three words; “I trust life.” This girl was not afraid of anything, and she knew that no matter what situation life landed her in, she could always trust her own heart. As a result she had no fear. As a result of that she never failed to attract what she needed; sometimes her needs being as simple as food.

Trust life. Trust your heart. 

The law of attraction; follow your heart
Follow your heart. Trust life.

Those words demonstrate the law of attraction, summarized into a fully applicable piece of knowledge. Try it in your own life; start as small as you have to and start to make decisions with your heart. No need to think too much. Thinking is for problem solving, and life is not a problem. You already know deep down what it is that your heart desires, and you can already see around you how it is possible, and what opportunities life can give you. You only need to listen.

But Why Can’t I Get What I Want?

(Read the above question again in a childish voice.)

The law of attraction is not about “getting what you want.” Not where it concerns childish greed and constant desire. This piece of spiritual knowledge is not meant to be a tool which we use to acquire our every earthly desire. Desire always leads to more desire. If you want all of the time then you will attract more want, not more things. Endless desire, in itself, is never satisfying, whether guised as a spiritual doctrine or not.

There is no need to attract what you already have, or what is not good for your heart. Therefore it will be difficult to get what is not really good for you. If you feel like the universe is pushing against you every step of the way, then you are probably out of alignment with your “attraction,” or heart, or life purpose, or whatever you would prefer to label your journey. No amount of pictures stuck on your walls will change this resistance.

When you feel something is right in your heart, and you go with it, then there will be less resistance from the universe, almost like you are cutting through life as if it is soft marg. Often it will feel like life is on your side, like it is an ally on your adventure.

The closer you can get to this life force, and the more you can learn to trust it, the more life will come to you, and the more receptive you can be to it. When it seems that life is not giving you “what you want,” then you must trust that it is for the best; that what you actually want or need is different.

If we are “in the flow man,” or if we are “just feelin’ it dude” then we do not need to even think about our decisions. We are letting life do all of the hard work, and we are simply choosing, by feeling with our hearts, how best to react to what is thrown, or with a bit of luck, gently placed our way. In this respect life begins to make our choices for us.

So my advice, to really understand the implications of the law of attraction, is to give up “trying” to attract what you need. Simply create the space if it needs creating, and then follow your heart out of the void, and into a new reality, or situation.

That, and try to attract infinite love instead of infinite dollar.

The Law of Love

More potent, and less secretive than any other universal law, is the law of love. It is an expansion of the law of attraction, in all directions, indefinitely, and infinitely.

It says, (and quite rightly too!), that the greatest and most responsible way to use our God-given right to attract, is to attract and transmit love.

We are all vibrational beings. This is a point that was constantly emphasized in the books and documentaries on the law of attraction, and one that I could not agree with more. Vibrating on a frequency of love attracts, and transmits, more frequencies of love. This is what spiritual and truly religious people all over the world have known and practiced in one way or another, since forever.

They are trying to globally raise our frequency to one of love and compassion. So are most people, who overall give out more love than fear or hate. We must love as deeply as possible, as often as possible, and without conditions. Then love is returned to us. It is the Law. Love is the Law.

The single most important use of the law of attraction, far more crucial than any of our petty desires, is to transmit and attract love. This demands sacrifice; we must desire love over anything else. Global, true, selfless, compassionate love. Every act of compassion brings about more compassion. This is also encapsulated in the knowledge of karma, which is not a metaphor. Karma is real enough, and easily observable for those who take an interest in their own karmic riddles, and monitor the cause and effect of their actions, which are never overlooked by the benevolent universe.

So, I ask gentle reader, that if you take one lesson from this article, it be to use the law of attraction for the good of all humankind. To vibrate in love, to walk and talk in love, and to give to each other. Bring about more giving, more love.

Trust life. Trust your heart.


Part 2… Raising Vibration, and Undoing Blockages…

The law of attraction is all about trusting life. Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to do so. Often this is, at least in part, due to our vibrational frequency (or mindset for those less comfortable with the term) which if low, can take us out of alignment with our heart. Blockages, both physical and energetic, can also hinder the flow of life, and cause us to resist what is happening before us.

Part 2 will focus on practical advice for raising vibration and undoing blockages.

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