"There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting"

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Google “Dieting” and the next screen tells you that search results yield about 3,360,000 items fitting your query. Right off the bat, that hints that a truly successful lasting diet approach is about as hard to find as the “Holy Grail” itself.

With such a kaleidoscope of diet choices out there, it really begs the question; is there a certain diet plan worth following, or should I just use my intuition and eat healthily. I would up vote the latter. I believe the key to health, and even to weight loss, is in balance, an overall healthy approach to food, and plenty of exercise. Fad diets are no good for me, and I would argue that they are not so good for you either.

From age 19 to 39, a 20 year span in a projected 80+ life, we look as good as we ever will so why shouldn’t we make the best of it?

We can’t control placement and proportion of eyes, ears, nose and chin or natural hair color that provoke a sense of beauty (depending on the eye of the beholder), but we do have control over our other physical proportions.

Truth is, everyone cares about how they look, evidenced by thriving major industries dedicated to giving us our best look from bargain basement to haute couture.  From hairdressers to seamstresses, from cobblers, to high-end fashion designers, an army of craftsmen are competing to show us our best look.

To Diet, Or Not To Diet?

Neuroscientist and science writer, Sandra Aamodt, said, “three and a half years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life. As my New Year’s resolution, I gave up dieting, stopped worrying about my weight and learned to eat mindfully. Now I eat whenever I’m hungry, and I’ve lost 10 pounds.

Diet Choices
With so many diet choices and fads, perhaps it is better just to listen to the food devil a little less, and to make healthier food choices in general?

She expands on her approach with, “ Psychologists classify eaters into two groups, those who rely on their hunger and those who try to control their eating through willpower, like most dieters.” She classifies them as intuitive eaters and controlled eaters with the former eating smaller amounts. Ms Aamodt points out that controlled eaters are susceptible to binge eating which can be triggered by a single scoop of ice cream.

Probably, Don’t Bother…

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. on the subject of abundance of diet choices says, “These unsustainable diets often lead to repeated weight loss and gain, which increases the risks of diabetes and heart disease.”

Svelte models in TV commercials offer the hope of a “new you” with before and after pictures. Has anyone noticed that the before pictures are quickly flashed on the screen and then disappear? You would need to be a cynic to think “Photo Shop” wouldn’t you?

Nevertheless, the diet “industry” grows and grows with new fads flowing from script writer imaginations all the time. From best-selling books and pills, to prepared meals and spring loaded gadgets guaranteed to produce striking ABS, the choice is endless. Over three million of them according to Google. Good luck with that!

Diet Choices
This just looks good for you. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I don’t need a scientist to tell me that this is good, or that the cheese on top is bad. It is intuitively balanced and colourful.

Maybe we should all just try and eat healthily, and intuitively?

It would be a little unfair to leave you here, clueless as to how to move forward, lost without a specific diet plan. So here are some steps to a healthier life, and perhaps weight loss if that is your concern:

Eat healthily. Vegetables are healthy. Balance is healthy.
Exercise often. Every day. Get moving. Seriously.


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