I will soothe you and heal you. I will bring you roses. I too have been covered in thorns


Why can’t the consciousness movement be stopped? Why will our psychic and spiritual and collective evolution continue to develop at an increasingly rapid and sophisticated rate? Why can’t it, why won’t it be stomped out by anyone or anything?

The consciousness movement cannot be stopped because it is the definition of decentralized.

How does one go about crushing consciousness, or dominating the group mind, when it cannot be located? Impossible! We are individuals with no leaders, and together we form an unseen tribe that expands and illuminates whatever it touches. Consciousness is the ultimate in decentralized organization, for its form knows no bounds.


The consciousness movement can’t be stopped because you can’t see it until you’re in it. You can’t stop something that you can’t see, and you don’t want to stop something that you are a part of.

The consciousness movement is not a movement caused by the will of man alone. Collective consciousness moves itself, with us as its vessels. Consciousness has always been moving. It is only our awareness of it that is greater, and in this greater awareness we accelerate its motion.

Friends, and families, and humans of all ages, you sense each other beyond words now, don’t you? We all do. Trust in that burning intuition of yours. Trust in that flash of psychic communication. Trust that you read information on all levels at once, and that you are plugged into a group mind that is more than the sum of your own self.

Drop those silly barriers that you have been wanting nothing more than to drop. “Can’t do this, can’t do that, have to do this, have to do that.” Pfff. Act in love, and be free.

Critical mass is approaching… those who do not yet see want to see, and those who do not yet want to see will soon crave nothing more. From raging weirdo to everyday Bob, your hearts and minds are different now. See it in yourself. See it in each other. We are all in this together. The tipping point is near.

Consciousness is cool now kids! So explore and learn and grow and be honest with yourself. Become the movement.

So why can’t it be stopped, this natural movement of consciousness?

Well, those who would see this movement thwarted are too scared to examine it, or even to accept that any part of it is real. Even the word consciousness is banned from objective study.

Meanwhile the subjective agents of consciousness continue to look on, and when we look it looks right back. We are a part of it, but we are not all of it, and even we could not tell you where it is, or what it all means.Consciousness

There’s no stopping the consciousness movement. How can anyone stop something that cannot even be fully understood? If there were sides we would be winning, but consciousness is One, and by God it will move.

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