And the truth must finally lie in that which every oppressed individual feels within himself but hasn't the courage to express
William Reich


Each and every one of us is a creative genius waiting to happen.

I used to think that I was “not musical.” That is what they tell you at school if you don’t play a musical instrument by the time you are eight. The only reason I was “not musical” at that point was because I had never held a musical instrument.

When I pushed passed this barrier, I realized that music came quite naturally to me. I actually learnt this while dancing to some live music. Dance is a channeling of rhythm, the same as playing an instrument. The instrument in dance is the body. So I picked up a guitar and found I could play a few chords quite easily with a bit of tuition from a friend. I’m not expert, because I haven’t practiced enough, but I don’t believe in those creative barriers anymore.

You too could play an instrument if you wanted to. Or you could paint. Or dance. Or be a stand-up comedian if you feel that is your favorite expression.

I like to write, mostly. That is the form of creative expression that comes easiest to me, and that I enjoy a lot. I still try to dabble in other forms, so that I keep my mind open and learning.


Creativity is natural. It is self-expression. There is no right or wrong answer. Just let go, and let it come through you.

Of course, every instrument, be it a piano, or a pen, paint, puppets, or the body, requires practice. That is where most people let themselves down. They pick up an instrument, play for 5 minutes, and decide that they “can’t do it.” When has anything in life ever worked that way… like you can just pick it up and do it?

Everything requires practice. I have been writing since I was a child. If I want to ever get good at guitar then I will have to practice that too. It really comes down to is what you dedicate your time to.

But it’s not all about being good either; not at all. It is about having the freedom to express, to create, to enjoy a motion or feeling, or to capture an idea. Creativity is whatever you want it to be.

Give yourself some time to unlock your creative potential. You could cut down on TV if you need more hours of the day to free yourself. Never put pressure on yourself to be “good” at anything. Just practice the instrument, and learn to express. Have fun. Creativity is therapy.


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