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Okay, so it’s probably not very clever to derive all of your wisdom from cartoons. Some may even say that getting chakra advice from a children’s show is the equivalent of studying the occult by looking for clues in Harry Potter movies… but we’ve all done it, right?!

I believe it’s important to take information at face value, no matter where it comes from, and on this occasion I think this popular cartoon can make the concepts of the chakras clear and accessible. I would probably give the cleansing onion and banana drink a miss personally.

Enjoy the video, and see the summary of the chakras below, from the point of view of Avatar – The Last Air-Bender, which tells us how we can unblock our energy channels. If you are not comfortable taking information from a children’s cartoon, then you can find more information in this introduction to chakras.


Earth Chakra РConcerned with survival, and opened by releasing your fears for survival.

Water Chakra – Deals with pleasure, and is blocked by guilt. Release your guilts, and forgive yourself.

Fire Chakra – Deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame. Release your disappointments within yourself.

Heart Chakra – Deals with love, and is blocked by grief and loss. Release the pain of your losses.

Throat Chakra – Deals with truth, and is blocked by lies, and deceiving ourself. Release denial, and accept the truth of yourself.

Light Chakra – Deals with insight, and is blocked by illusion, especially the illusion of separation. Accept Oneness of all things.

Thought/Crown Chakra – Deals with pure cosmic energy, and blocked by earthly attachment. Release all that you love, and surrender completely.

So there you have it, a simplified guide to opening your chakras, brought to you by Avatar- The Last Airbender.

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