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Natural Health

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weigh, improve general fitness or otherwise change the way your body looks and feels; the scales are something most of us have a love hate relationship with.

If you were to weigh yourself everyday, no matter who you are; you will most probably notice that the scales shoot up and down from day to day, they are sometimes even quite drastically different throughout a single day. Seeing this can be extremely discouraging, especially when you have an ideal or goal weight in mind.


What do Personal Trainers Say?

Most physical trainers would agree hat the scales should be pretty much ignored when it comes to personal fitness. Your own strength and ability is what is important, not how much pressure you exert on the Earth.


But What About Dieticians?

Dieticians, unfortunately, in many diet books and various weight loss programs, do focus massively on the scales. They will even, in many cases, sell you a product based almost entirely on the effect it will have on the scales.


So What Should You Do?

When it comes to weight loss, the scales are indeed a good gauge of how well you are doing, but don’t become addicted to them. It’s easy to read something in a magazine about a certain celebrity having lost 25 pounds and here’s how you can do the same in just three weeks (etc.) But realistically, everybody is different, and what works for some people may not work for you, and similarly, if your fitness is improving – you are most probably gaining a lot of new muscle, which actually weighs more than fat and thus would show a greater number on the scales. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Set yourself a personal goal, and go after it in your own time and in the healthiest way possible.

If you are trying to lose weight or get fit, you most probably do want to be lean – you want to look and feel attractive, and sexy. We know that when we lose weight these things will come with it, and so it is very easy to get addicted to the scales. Don’t let this happen! Your weight is not nearly as important as how much fat you have on your body in comparison to lean muscle mass – the scales can’t tell you much about these things.

Quick weight loss plans will make you lose weight, but it will be a combination of fat and muscle that you will lose, so your energy levels will fall and you will still be nothing like the picture of fitness you had desired. Your arms will still be flabby, even though the scales show lower numbers, and you still won’t be happy with what you see in the mirror.


Build Muscle to Burn More Calories.

You need muscle in order to burn up fat and calories. The less muscle you have, whether overweight or not, the less calories you burn on a day to day basis. Don’t rely entirely on the scales for successful fitness or weight loss.

If in time you do manage to become lean and strong, trim looking, with defined arms and legs and a body you are extremely proud of; you genuinely will not care anymore what the scales have to say. Get fit in the right way and the weight will fall off as it is supposed to.


Don’t Weigh Yourself Everyday.

According to most research, the best thing to do when starting out a new fitness or weight loss regime, to track your progress, is to weigh yourself regularly, but not every day. Keep a note of your weight over time. Refer to this only for long term progress. For example, weigh yourself once a week for two months. Don’t think too much about the numbers until this period is up, just write them down and then get on with the rest of your week – your fitness routines and your healthy eating. Don’t be swayed by any daily ups and downs and don’t be dismayed by the lack of change in the short term. Keep at it properly and you will see results you adore, and ones that stay with you long term.

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