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Natural Health

When you think about oral health you may not instantly conjure up ideas of natural solutions that are available to you. There are, however, many ways that you can supplement your existing treatments. Take for instance green tea extract; various research has suggested benefits which include the prevention of erosion and abrasion in teeth, and suggest that it may help to prevent decay.

There is more!

You see, natural health and modern medicine do not have to contradict and conflict with one another. They can be used together, as a holistic way of taking care of ourselves and our oral health. Proper diet and nutrition is always a good place to start.

Diet And Nutrition In Oral Health

In a study by Dr Wetson Price, himself a dentist, nutrition was shown to have a well measured effect on the oral health of the participants. X-rays showed vast improvements when the children involved in the research began eating a nutrient rich diet, with plenty of vitamins and some healthy oils. Previously, their diets had been saturated with fats and sugars, and their oral health had been demonstratively poor. After a month of nutritious dieting they had less cavities, and had developed new enamel on their teeth.

Of course, it is no secret that a bad diet has a negative effect, especially where sugary food and drinks are concerned. One of the best ways you can look after your oral health in a natural way, is to cut out these unnatural foods that cause so much damage and decay. Plenty of vitamin C is also crucial for healthy gums, and can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables. It helps promote healthy cells in gums, and strengthens their resilience to bacteria.

Avoid soda drinks, which can cause rapid tooth decay due to the concentrated blasts of sugar they contain. Instead, drink a lot of water; it is much healthier, and it also helps to wash away germs from the mouth, reducing cavities.

White Teeth And Fresh Breath

Fresh, crunchy fruit and vegetables help to keep teeth white, exfoliating plaque and stains, and helping you to produce more saliva. You can also use a solution of baking powder and hydrogen peroxide to make a whitening paste, or perhaps a little more bizarrely, eat pineapple, which contains a stain removing enzyme called bromelain.

Herbs such as fresh mint or parsley leaves can be chewed as a natural breath freshener, for those middle of the day moments where you feel you need it, but can’t possibly brush! Alternatively, try tarragon or fennel, or for a refreshing pallet reset, try chewing a cardamon pod.

Natural Mouth Treatments

There are many effective natural mouth treatments. The first, and most simple, and perhaps the one most likely introduced to you by your mother, is to swill around your mouth a glass of sea-salted water. Whilst this may not be particularly pleasant, salt is a potent disinfectant, which helps to rid the mouth of bacteria. Alternatively, make an essential oil mouthwash with tea tree, another powerful disinfectant. Either way, swill it, and spit it out.
Coconut oil is another useful oral health supplement, which acts to kill bacteria. To help to prevent or treat ulcers, antioxidants such as vitamin C and E can work wonders.

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