"You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very close knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends"
Robert Anton Wilson

Natural Health

The bottom line when it comes to healthy weight loss is there is no quick fix or ‘pill’ that will wash away your weight; permanent changes in choices and lifestyle are the only way to achieve true success. You need determination and commitment to see results. You need a healthy diet, an exercise plan, and lots of patience. How can you make all the right changes without going crazy?! Here are some quick and easy ways to make changes and stay focused, without completely re-writing your life.


Drop the Unrealistically High Expectations.

When starting out with a new exercise routine or diet plan, you may have heard (probably from the people promoting it) hat you will lose amazing amounts of weight and next to no time. If you believe this then you will ultimately feel disappointed and down when after a week you are not the athletic picture of fitness you’ve seen in the Olympics. You’re dedication and subsequently your diet will fail if you feel this way. Be more realistic when you start out; most people lose around 1 – 2 pounds each week with healthy eating and exercise. Expect these results and don’t rely too much on the scales and/or changes in your clothes size. Be patient, have faith, and stay dedicated!


Don’t Tell Everybody You are Dieting.

This applies to many areas of life – sometimes it’s best to keep your goals and ambitions to yourself and those close to you. Sometimes without meaning to other people can discourage us from achieving our goals, and as we all deep down care what people thing, these negative thoughts will ultimately have a negative impact on our progress. It makes us feel uncomfortable when we feel we are being judged, like if you decide to have a treat and those around you all remind you you’re ‘not allowed’. It can bring you down, give you a complex, and ruin your chances of success. Keep your plans to yourself and close family and friends only, this way you will feel the support you need without other people driving you crazy.


Don’t Completely Cut Out any Food Group

If you have spent years indulging in a favorite ‘treat’ food then completely cutting it from your life will ultimately make you feel you are sacrificing too much; you will drive yourself crazy thinking about it, and you will most probably sway from your diet in the end. Eat a well balanced and healthy diet and allow yourself those little treats every now and then. Don’t over indulge, only eat when you are hungry, and you will lose weight and stay sane.


Get Support From Those Who Love You

It is important to let those you live with know about your dieting efforts. If you have decided to cut down on sugar, you may find your partner continues to bring home sugary treats and snacks if they are unaware of your goal. You need to stay motivated, and support from those close to you is a massive part of succeeding. A lack of support can drive people crazy. If the people close to you choose to continue eating unhealthy snacks it is their choice, but perhaps on knowing your plans they will choose to eat them away from home, so as not to tempt or sway you.



We know by now that losing weight takes time, and prolonged efforts to do so have the power to make us crazy. However, exercise is the quickest way to lose weight, so simply including an exercise routine in your life, on various days of the week, will mean quicker weight loss, better sleep patterns, and an overall better feeling about yourself.

Stay sane, get fit, keep up with nutrition guidelines, and be on the path to successful weight loss in no time. All the best!

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