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Natural Health

Live a Long and Healthy Life

Though it is still fairly new to the Western world, it has been known by Eastern Cultures for the past 5000 years – Green Tea holds a variety of secrets that can lead to a long and healthy life. In China and Japan it has always been thought that regularly drinking a cup of green tea can lead to a longer life, in fact a survey of 3000 Japanese women in the 1990’s showed this to indeed be true. Those who drink Green Tea generally live longer than those who do not.

Scientific research of recent years has shown that the properties of Green Tea offer protection against heart problems and liver ailments, they even act as antibacterial agent to boost the immune system. The properties I refer to are essentially super strong anti-oxidants, specifically a group of chemicals which are named Catechin Polyphenols, such as Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). It’s tricky to say, but what EGCG does is hinder the growth of cancerous, carcinogenic cells; it is even thought by some researchers to have the ability to kill cancerous cells, without causing any damage to healthy tissue. Amazing! Not only this, but EGCG has the power to lower the body’s bad cholesterol, and reduce our risk of blood clots; subsequently this reduces the chance of thrombosis, which is a leading cause of strokes, and heart attacks.

Furthermore, (yes, there’s more!) Green Tea contains Vitamins E and C, which slow down the ageing process, plus several healthy minerals. It also contains Caffeine, which as we know is a mild anti-depressant that stimulates the muscles.

Weight Loss

Aside from the nutritional aspects of Green Tea, one of it’s most recent uses in the Western World has been for Weight Loss. To keep it simple, Green Tea burns fat. Scientifically, it has Thermogenic properties that actively promote the oxidation of fat cells. A study conducted in Japan showed that of a group of people for which conditions such as diet and exercise were kept the same, those who ingested a higher amount of the Polyphenols present in Green Tea lost more weight than those who didn’t. What’s not to like! Pour yourself a cup of the wonder stuff today.

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